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intense aquatic nuisance species work continues

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Statewide monitoring efforts for aquatic nuisance species in 2013 resulted in only one new infestation – curly-leaf pondweed in Grass Lake in Richland County.


North Dakota Game and Fish Department ANS coordinator Fred Ryckman said for the second consecutive year, no zebra mussels were detected in the Otter Tail and Red rivers at Wahpeton, where immature zebra mussels were found in both 2010 and 2011.


“This is encouraging news,” Ryckman said. “However, adult zebra mussels discovered last year in Minnesota’s Otter Tail drainage continue to move closer to North Dakota. In addition, adult zebra mussels were documented this fall in Lake Winnipeg, which is of great concern to Manitoba officials.”


Statewide monitoring efforts also indicated known populations of ANS in existing North Dakota water bodies are generally stable, and in some instances are even in decline. Ryckman said a few adult silver carp were again observed in the James River below Jamestown Dam, after having moved upstream into North Dakota during the extremely high flows in 2011.


Game and Fish will continue intensive monitoring for ANS in 2014. In addition, the department will also continue its ANS information and education campaign, and enforcement efforts, with the intent of full compliance with existing rules and regulations.



it’s not just ‘sea weed’

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Your boat, trailer, jet ski, live wells and anything that goes into and comes back out of the waterway’s just might be moving the next zebra mussels. And while I understand nobody would intentionally move zebra mussels, the fact is by NOT checking your equipment over the future of the lakes you love are in jeopardy. It used to be just shrugged off as sea weed, that’s not the case anymore. This Memorial Day weekend take a few minutes and make sure you are not the cause. 

Anglers Reminded of ANS Regulations
North Dakota anglers are reminded of regulations intended to reduce the risk of aquatic nuisance species transfer between water bodies.
Current law states that no aquatic vegetation, or parts thereof, shall be in or on watercraft, motors, trailers and recreational equipment when out of water. Time out of the water needed to remove aquatic vegetation at the immediate water access area (boat ramp) is allowed.
All built-in structures to boats, including livewells and bait compartments, and containers (bait buckets) used to transport legal live bait, must also be free of aquatic vegetation.
In addition, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department has submitted a proposal that will require water in all livewells and baitwells to be drained prior to leaving a water body. This means that fish, including bait, may no longer be transported in a livewell containing water. Transportation of fish in or on ice will be allowed. If approved, this rule would likely become effective Oct. 1. However, the Game and Fish Department encourages anglers to implement this practice immediately.