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dissolved oxygen testing

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This week’s North Dakota Game and Fish Department webcast, Outdoors Online, is now online at http://gf.nd.gov. North Dakota Game and Fish fisheries division chief Greg Power talks about this year’s Dissolved Oxygen Testing.   Click here to Watch! 

winter creel surveys

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This week’s North Dakota Game and Fish Department webcast, Outdoors Online, is now online at http://gf.nd.gov. NDGF fisheries supervisor Paul Bailey talks about the ongoing winter creel surveys.  Click here to Watch! 

watchable wildlife checkoff

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North Dakota citizens with an interest in supporting wildlife conservation programs are reminded to look for the Watchable Wildlife checkoff on the state tax form.

The state income tax form gives wildlife enthusiasts an opportunity to support nongame wildlife like songbirds and birds of prey, while at the same time contributing to programs that help everyone enjoy all wildlife.

The checkoff – whether you are receiving a refund or having to pay in – is an easy way to voluntarily contribute to sustain this long‑standing program. In addition, direct donations to the program are accepted any time of year.

To learn more about Watchable Wildlife program activities, visit the North Dakota Game and Fish Department website at gf.nd.gov.


winter creel survey

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The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has initiated a winter creel survey in the south central part of the state to learn who is fishing and what they’re catching.


“Our guys will be hitting various small district lakes scattered throughout south central North Dakota, primarily in Logan and McIntosh counties and northern Kidder County, where you find clusters of lakes,” said Scott Gangl, department fisheries management section leader.


This region-specific creel survey is a joint effort between the department’s south central and southeastern fisheries districts. The survey could last for several weeks, running into March.


“What we’re after is the size, catch rates, species and the quality of the fishing experience,” Gangl said. “We want to know how far people have traveled to get to a lake and does the distance they’ve traveled influence the size of fish they are harvesting.”


Creel clerks will work mostly on weekends. Anglers who agree to be interviewed will be asked a series of questions, and the clerks will measure harvested fish. Once the interview is completed, anglers will be given an orange card to complete when they quit fishing for the day.


Boxes will be placed at access points for anglers to quickly drop off their cards when leaving the late. There is no need to stop at a box unless you are returning a card.

Game and Fish recognizes employee efforts

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North Dakota Game and Fish Department Director Terry Steinwand recently honored a number of employees with performance-based awards. Steinwand presented the following awards at the department’s annual staff meeting Dec. 11.

Lara Anderson, Bismarck, received the Special Projects award, given to an individual who implemented a successful new project. She was recognized for her efforts with working on the department’s customer portal project, which is designed to simplify record keeping for numerous projects. “Her professional experience and familiarity with databases and programming has been extremely valuable for this task and the overall coordination of the project,” Steinwand said.

Arvid Anderson, Riverdale, received the Solid Foundation award, presented to an employee who demonstrates exemplary work in their field. He was recognized for his willingness to take on additional tasks. “Arvid jumps in and gets it accomplished whenever something unexpected needs to get done,” Steinwand said. “He is a classic example of a dedicated employee.”

Dale Repnow, Bismarck, received the Public Outreach award, presented to an employee for showing a significant effort, ability or accomplishment in interacting with the public while promoting the department’s programs. Repnow was recognized for his professionalism, dedication and efficiency. “Dale is the consummate employee,” Steinwand said. “He is always respectful, courteous and understanding.”

Jim Houston and Tom Crutchfield of Bismarck were presented with the Innovations award, which recognizes staff for implementing a process to improve department goals and objectives. They were recognized for their efforts in improving the quality of the food plots within their district. “Jim and Tom are always willing to work long hours to make sure everything is seeded and sprayed in a timely fashion,” Steinwand said. “The last few years they have transitioned to planting a diverse crop rotation, which has led to many positive public comments.”

Jackie Lundstrom, Bismarck, was named North Dakota’s Boating Officer of the Year. Chief warden Robert Timian said Lundstrom is active with boat patrols, boat ramp checks and boat safety equipment checks. “Warden Lundstrom is skilled in the detection, apprehension and prosecution of boaters who are operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” Timian said. “In addition, she is often called upon to assist in the search for missing or stranded boaters.”

2015 tentative opening dates

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Tentative 2015 Season Opening Dates

To help North Dakota hunters prepare for hunting seasons in 2015, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department annually provides its best estimate for opening dates for the coming year.

Dates become official when approved by governor’s proclamation. Tentative opening dates for 2015 include:


Spring Turkey April 11
Dove September 1
Deer and Pronghorn Bow, Mountain Lion September 4
Sharptail, Hun, Ruffed Grouse, Squirrel September 12
Youth Deer September 18
Youth Waterfowl September 19
Early Resident Waterfowl September 26
Pronghorn Gun October 2
Regular Waterfowl, Youth Pheasant October 3
Pheasant, Fall Turkey October 10
Mink, Muskrat, Weasel Trapping October 24
Deer Gun November 6
Deer Muzzleloader November 27


ice house regulations

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Winter anglers are reminded that any fish house left unoccupied on North Dakota waters must be made out of materials that will allow it to float.

A popular question this time of year is if campers qualify as legal fish houses. The answer is the same for any structure taken on the ice – if it’s left unattended, it must be able to float; if it’s not able to float, it must be removed when the angler leaves the ice.

Other fish house regulations include:

  • Fish houses do not require a license.
  • Occupied structures do not require identification. However, any unoccupied fish house must have the owner’s name, and either address or telephone number, displayed on its outside in readily distinguishable characters at least three inches high.
  • Fish houses may not be placed closer than 50 feet in any direction to another house without consent of the occupant of the other fish house.
  • Fish houses shall be removed from all waters by midnight, March 15, of each year. They can be used after March 15 if they are removed daily.

Anglers should refer to the 2014-16 North Dakota Fishing Guide for winter fishing regulations.

have you seen?

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This week’s North Dakota Game and Fish Department webcast, Outdoors Online, is now online at http://gf.nd.gov. Click here to Watch!   NDGF fisheries division chief Greg Power talks about this season’s Ice Fishing Prospects.   Click here to Watch!

winter fishing regulations

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North Dakota anglers are encouraged to refer to the 2014-16 North Dakota Fishing Guide or the State Game and Fish Department’s website for winter fishing regulations.
In addition, anglers can visit the Game and Fish website, gf.nd.gov, for an extensive list of fishing questions and answers.
Some winter fishing regulations include:
• A maximum of four poles is legal for ice fishing. However, when fishing a water body where both open water and ice occur at the same time, an angler is allowed a maximum of four poles, of which no more than two poles can be used in open water.
• Tip-ups are legal, and each tip-up is considered a single pole.
• There is no restriction on the size of the hole in the ice while fishing. When a hole larger than 10 inches in diameter is left in the ice, the area in the immediate vicinity must be marked with a natural object. See regulations for more information.
• It is only legal to release fish back into the water immediately after they are caught. Once a fish is held in a bucket or on a stringer, they can no longer be legally released in any water.
• It is illegal to catch fish and transport them in water.
• It is illegal to leave fish, including bait, behind on the ice.
• Depositing or leaving any litter or other waste material on the ice or shore is illegal.
• Any dressed fish to be transported, if frozen, must be packaged individually. Anglers are not allowed to freeze fillets together in one large block. Two fillets count as one fish.
• The daily limit is a limit of fish taken from midnight to midnight.  No person may possess more than one day’s limit of fish while on the ice or actively engaged in fishing. If a situation occurs when an angler engages in fishing overnight, the first daily limit must be removed from the ice by midnight prior to continuing to fish.
• The possession limit is the maximum number of fish that an angler may have in his or her possession during a fishing trip of more than one day.

have you seen?

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This week’s North Dakota Game and Fish Department webcast, Outdoors Online, is now online athttp://gf.nd.gov.

While the ice is now on the lakes, Game and Fish Department fisheries crews were busy this fall assessing lakes and reservoirs. NDGF fisheries management section leader Scott Gangl talks about the fall fish reproduction surveys. Click here to watch!  
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