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North Dakota Game  and Fish Director Terry Steinwand  writes Matters of Opinion  

We have another year behind us, with the new bringing us the coldest winter weather so far.

Although, it’s all relative when it comes to living on the Northern Plains. Think back to one year ago when we not only had cold temperatures, but an accumulation of about 50 inches of snow in a six-week period.


Ty Stockton writes a feature on Moose Move West

The largest members of the deer family were rare to nonexistent in North Dakota in the early 1900s. They reappeared again in the 1950s, and by the 1960s, a small resident population was established in the Pembina Hills


Ron Wilson North Dakota Outdoors editor captures the heritage and memories made in this months Backcast

We regroup over hardboiled eggs, string cheese and duck jerky and there’s talk, jokingly I think, that I’m the reason we’re not shooting any deer. After hitting a number of my “go-to” spots, my “honey holes,” no one has pulled the trigger.