A Little Deserved Recognition

North Dakota Game and Fish Department Director Terry Steinwand recently honored a number of employees with performance-based awards. Steinwand presented the following awards at the department’s annual staff meeting Dec. 12.


Gene Van Eeckhout, Jamestown, and Brian Prince, Devils Lake, received the Special Projects award, given to an individual who implemented a successful new project.


Van Eeckhout was recognized for his 38-year efforts at Spiritwood Lake, including assessing grass carp and zander introductions, keeping common carp out, and water quality projects. “There isn’t just one project on Spiritwood Lake that has received Gene’s attention, but rather he’s spent a career working on a multitude of fish management issues,” Steinwand said.


Prince was recognized for his work in enhancing public land opportunities in the northeast. “In the last 10 years, this district has added 16 new wildlife management areas and expanded eight existing WMAs,” Steinwand said. “The amount of additions has been above expectations, and this is a direct result of Brian’s efforts.”


Melissa Long, Bismarck, received the Solid Foundation award, presented to an employee who demonstrates exemplary work in their field. Long was recognized for her dedication to her job. “Melissa is dependable, a quick learner and dedicated to getting the job done,” Steinwand said. “Whenever something is asked of her, we can count on it being right.”


Nancy Boldt, Bismarck, received the Public Outreach award, presented to an employee for showing a significant effort, ability or accomplishment in interacting with the public while promoting the Department’s programs. Boldt was recognized for her efforts in developing and coordinating the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program. “This program wouldn’t be possible without the work and guidance of Nancy,” Steinwand said. “She’s reached thousands of women in North Dakota, and they’ve been able to experience outdoor and hunting or fishing activities in an environment where instructors provide skills to women who may have otherwise not been afforded this opportunity.”