Feeling Like Deer Season?

The calendar say’s we’re day’s not really weeks until the 12noon Nov 8, 2013 North Dakota deer opener. I’ll be honest personally and professionally it still feels like early October. Not sure why…the only excuse I can come up with is the fact the majority of the waterfowl migration doesn’t seem to be into a typical late fall (read early deer season) type of a migration pattern yet. Even more is that in much of my travels I haven’t really tasted winter yet. I know the SW has had snow and more is on the way…but the fact is. It’s all relative.

Undeniable is the deer movement on the edges of the day is picking up, the harvest is moving along (slowly but surely) and without more precipitation hopefully fields and roads dry out over the next few days. And when the World Series wraps up…indeed the next 10 days’ it will feel like deer season. It’ll be here before we know it. May as well start getting ready.