Outdoors Heritage Fund Grant Deadline Is Dec 2


The North Dakota Industrial Commission and the Outdoor Heritage Fund Advisory Board are pleased to announce the first grant cycle that will award Outdoor Heritage Fund dollars to help meet the following directives established by the 2013 Legislative Assembly:


• Provide access to private and public lands for sportsmen, including projects that create fish and wildlife habitat and provide access for sportsmen;

• Improve, maintain, and restore water quality, soil conditions, plant diversity, animal systems, and to support other practices of stewardship to enhance farming and ranching;

• Develop, enhance, conserve, and restore wildlife and fish habitat on private and public lands; and

• Conserve natural areas for recreation through the establishment and development of parks and other recreation areas.


The Industrial Commission upon the recommendation of the Outdoor Heritage Advisory Board has established the first grant application deadline of 5:00 p.m. on December 2, 2013.  See the attachment.  Information about this process can be accessed on the Industrial Commission/Outdoor Heritage Fund website that will go online today athttp://www.nd.gov/ndic/outdoor-infopage.htm.