Is It To Hot To Fish?

I guess I probably botched this from the get to with my lack of understanding of to, too, or two. The “two” I’ve no problems with 🙂 Anyway. It’s 96 and I’ve no idea what the “heat index” is or do I care. It’s hot. I’m  not fishing. Not because it’s to hot to fish. Not at all. I love to fish no matter the air temperature. For me personally when we get to August I’ve fished and fished quite a bit. But through summer I cycle with high intensity fishing and at points I don’t mind if I fish or not. Right now I’m in the  or not phase of fishing. If we’d have just struggled through 3 weeks of rain and I’d hardly fished, I’d be out there right now. But I’m not. So I’m asking you. At what point is it to hot to fish?