Options For Educators

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is announcing its summer schedule of conservation workshops for educators.

National Archery in the Schools – June 4-5, Nishu Bow Range in Bismarck. Workshop participants are provided the fundamentals to teach archery in grades 4-12, either indoors or outdoors, and will be able to implement an archery unit in the classroom and an afterschool activity. A preregistration fee of $10 payable to North Dakota Bow Hunters Association is required. Register by calling Jeff Long, North Dakota Game and Fish Department, at (701) 328-6322, or email jrlong@nd.gov.

Science Resources for Elementary Educators – June 19-20, North Dakota Game and Fish Department in Bismarck. This workshop provides participants with an overview of resources available to educators, including Wildlife of North Dakota, Elementary Aquatic Education, and Habitats of North Dakota. Sponsored by the Lake Region Teacher Center.

Birds of North Dakota – June 26-27, North Dakota Game and Fish Department in Bismarck. Teachers completing this workshop will have a basis for teaching bird studies relevant to North Dakota by integrating life science techniques with visual arts found in the Lewis and Clark journals. Links will be made between birds and their habits. Materials meet North Dakota curriculum standards. Registration fee of $40 is done through the Bismarck Art and Galleries Association website or by calling (701) 223-5986.

Information for each workshop is available by contacting Sherry Niesar at (701) 527-3714.