April 26 Snow Goose Report

When they start to thin out in South Dakota…we all know what that means…here’s the latest from Sand Lake NWR:
This information is current as of Friday, April 26, 2013.
Snow geese continue to fly over the Sand Lake area, moving into North Dakota.
Some smaller flocks of snow geese have stopped to feed in the area, but are not currently
using Sand Lake. Reports are that the flocks of snow geese in the Groton and Redfield
areas are thinning out. Smaller flocks of snow geese will probably continue to move
through the area, but with the upcoming warm weekend, will probably not be staying
long. Temperatures today through Sunday are predicted to reach highs of 60’s and 70’s.
The lakes are still mostly frozen over, but the edges of the lakes and areas near the
channels are opening up. Several great egrets and snowy egrets were observed near the
headquarter’s area this morning, and we also heard several willets.
Refuge roads are currently closed, but should be open soon, weather permitting.