Migration Update

Yes there are birds in central North Dakota including Dickey, LaMoure counties and extended areas. Here’s more from the primary pre-North Dakota staging area of North Central South Dakota to give you a perspective  When they run out of birds the tail end of the migration is in North Dakota.


This information is current as of Monday, April 15, 2013.
There are still snow geese in the Sand Lake area. This afternoon, there was a
flock of over 100,000 on the ice in Mud Lake, and several smaller flocks on the ice and
water near highway 10. Yesterday afternoon, during the snow storm, there were many
small flocks feeding in fields between Britton and Sand Lake. There are some reports of
snow geese moving back south after this latest storm. There are large numbers of ducks
using the limited open water in both Mud Lake and Sand Lake. Highway 10 provides the
best view of these birds.
Sand Lake received about 10 inches of snow from the storm yesterday. The lakes
on the refuge are still mostly ice-covered, except for parts of the river channel near the
bridges and water control structures. Another snow storm is predicted for this area from
Wednesday through Thursday, with predicted highs in the 30’s through the week.