Friday April 5, 2013 Spring Snow Goose Migration Update

This information is current as of Thursday, April 4, 2013.
The waterfowl migration is in full swing in the Sand Lake area. Many geese and
ducks moved into Sand Lake during the day yesterday. As of today there are at least
260,000 snow geese in the immediate Sand Lake area. The main concentration this
afternoon is on the ice in the middle of Sand Lake. There are also large numbers of
ducks, Canada geese and white-fronted geese on Sand Lake near the south end of the
refuge and near highway 10.
The warmer weather yesterday melted a lot of snow, providing sheet water in
many of the surrounding fields. This morning, waterfowl could be seen feeding and
resting in almost every field near the refuge. Temperatures are predicted to reach the
40’s throughout the coming week. Snow geese have already been seen moving into
North Dakota.