Thursday April 4 Snow Goose Migration Update

Sand Lake NWR South Dakota snow goose migration udpate:
This information is current as of Wednesday, April 3, 2013.
More waterfowl moved into the Sand Lake area yesterday. Some pretty goodsized flocks of snow geese were resting on the ice in Sand Lake near the south end and a
few miles south of highway 10. There were also reports yesterday of over 1 million snow
geese in the area of southern Brown County and northern Spink County between Groton
and Doland, and on south of Doland. There is lots of sheet water in the fields and still
some snow in that area.
There is about 3 inches of snow remaining on the ground in the Sand Lake area
and still very little open water. Temperatures are predicted to reach above 50 degrees
today, with south winds, and drop back into the 40’s the rest of the week.