Random Thoughts On The Eve Of Pheasant Eve

I wish I could spend more time blogging about the 2012 North Dakota (and Minnesota) pheasant opener. Truth be it told the phone calls keep me hopping and I’m just trying to keep up with the emails as well. Here’s a few random nuggets I’ve had bouncing around my head the past week. Indeed the 2012 rooster numbers in our surveys have bounced back–they should have. The mild winter brought more birds into spring and hatch conditions were good. I’m always hesitant to label and opener or season as good, great or any kind of subjective term.

Fact is. Some hunters will find more birds than they thought. Others won’t. Some will hit their first three flushed roosters. Some won’t. Hunters will notice less CRP, less water, and maybe more activity? That’s my guess. I’ve heard a steady buzz of prospective resident and non-resident pheasant hunters planning the opening weekend.


The fishing is good. Wait I don’t like subjective. Anglers could be fishing. Archery deer hunters could be in the tree stand. Duck and goose numbers are building. Sandhill crane are moving in. Did I forget turkey and grouse? yes. I did.

Just a few to chew on. I’ll make and effort to put down some more if I get time the next 48 hours.

good luck