Get Out And Enjoy-ice Fishing, Predator Hunting And Pickled Beaver Tail?

This morning there was a short little 12 hour flash back to past winters, but with that out of the way. Bring on the weekend!

Many area’s this time of year have predator hunts(Barnes County), ice fishing derby’s(Devils Lake) and other ‘lure’ events to get you outdoors. The lack of snow, easy access to farm-market roads should be enough of a reason to get you ‘out there’ seriously. Just recall a year ago at this time when you spent more time shoveling out of the driveway, only to find the closes access to your favorite outdoors spot was blocked for miles with drifts of snow. So even if these events arent enough to prompt a trip outdoors. Look around and you’ll find a wild game feed(Triumph Lutheran church West Farg) not to far away as well.

Speaking of wild game feeds. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever tried? I’m pretty vanilla….bear burgers..and I couldnt stand them. I love antelope, moose, bison. But the craziest thing I’ve seen is pickled beaver tail. How about you?