Remembering The Great Flood “more Than Just A House”

Bill Mitzel evacuated his home north of Bismarck this spring and jotted down notes throughout the ordeal. He puts into words what many struggle to relay or even understand from their own words, feelings and emotions regarding the devastation this year in North Dakota. In Bill’s words from the September 2011 Dakota Country Magazine:

Speaking of homes, I watched folks on television during the flooding fracas in early June saying, “It’s just wood and walls. It’s just ‘stuff’. It can be replaced.” Stupid talk. No, I thought, it’s not just stuff. It’s home, and the fact is, it can’t be replaced. It’s where children grow up, where they learn to walk, talk, cry and laugh. It’s where you go to bed each night and wake up each morning. It’s where you dream, work, and play. It’s where you spend holiday’s and special with family and friends. It’s where you pray and lay your soul on the table, bed or night stand. It’s where you live and sometimes it’s where you die. It’s way more than just stuff.