Outdoors Bills Passed So Far In 2011 North Dakota Legislature

HB 1180 – (Representatives Drovdal, Schatz; Senator Nodland) – Landowner preferential elk licenses will be issued by weighted lottery if the number of applicants exceeds the number of licenses available. Landowner preferential elk licenses are established by Governor’s proclamation. Passed house 90-0. Passed senate 47-0.

HB 1181 – (Representatives Nathe, Headland; Senators Freborg, Hogue, Schaible, Stenehjem) – Lowers the minimum age to hunt antelope from 14 to 12. Passed house 94-0. Passed senate 24-22.

HB 1288 – (Representatives Kasper, Headland, Mueller; Senators Fischer, Hogue, Olafson) – Removes the sunset clause (July 31, 2011) from the 2009 law that clarifies a booking agent for an outfitter is not required to have a guide or outfitter license. Passed house 92-0. Passed senate 47-0.

SB 2352 – (Senators Oehlke, Cook, Nelson; Representatives Delzer, D. Johnson) – Prohibits a person from hunting through the Internet; hosting a hunt through the Internet; import, export or possess wildlife which has been taken by a hunt through the Internet; or enable another person to hunt through the Internet. “Hunt through the Internet” means to hunt wildlife in real time using Internet services or any remote-controlled device to control actual firearms and to discharge live ammunition allowing a person who is not physically present to take wildlife. Passed senate 43-2. Passed house 90-2.

HCR 3032 – (Representatives Weiler, Weisz, Onstad; Senators Freborg, Lyson, Warner) – A concurrent resolution directing Legislative Management to study the needs of, economic values of, and methods to improve access roadways to recreational, tourist and historical sites in North Dakota. House adopted. Senate adopted.