Re-stating The Obvious

I’m guilty of one of my pet peeves, re-stating the obvious. Like when a coach explains they would’ve won the game if they had played better defense. Duh.

So excuse when I explain this snow has turned ice fishing conversations into the problems created by the snow. So here’s the rundown..again…and again.

1) snow insulates ice, slowing ice formation. And thus many lakes are stuck on 14″-16″ of ice, which isnt’ exactly preferred for extensive use

2)snow weighs down the ice. start punching holes in the ice and the weight of the snow pushes down on the ice which forces some water up all the holes and we have slushy conditions underneath a half foot of snow, which is on top of 15″ of ice. =mess.

3) snow blocks off access to lakes and makes even getting to some of the winter sloughs and ponds a trial. not to mention once you are on…the wind can pickup and making exiting an adventure.

ugh. that’s my story and i’m sticking to it. UGH