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keep your eye’s open for deer…before the season…on the road

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Motorists are reminded to watch for deer along roadways, especially this time of year, because juvenile animals are dispersing from their home ranges.

Late October through early December is when deer are most active, resulting in the peak period for deer-vehicle accidents. Motorists are advised to slow down and exercise caution after dark to reduce the likelihood of encounters with deer along roadways. Most deer-vehicle accidents occur primarily at dawn and dusk when deer are most often moving around.

Deer-vehicle accidents are at times unavoidable. However, motorists should be aware of warning signs signaling deer are in the area. When you see one deer cross the road, look for a second or third deer to follow. Also, motorists are urged to pay attention on roadways posted with Deer Crossing Area caution signs.

If an accident does happen, a local law enforcement agency should be contacted. Also, a permit is required to take parts or the whole carcass of a road-killed deer. Permits are free and available from game wardens and local law enforcement offices.

A few precautions can minimize chances of injury or property damage in a deer-vehicle crash.

  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • Don’t swerve or take the ditch to avoid hitting a deer. Try to brake as much as possible and stay on the roadway. Don’t lose control of your vehicle or slam into something else to miss the deer. You risk less injury by hitting the deer.
  • If you spot deer ahead, slow down immediately and honk your horn.
  • No published research supports the effectiveness of deer whistles on vehicles.

twas the night before roosters

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The North Dakota pheasant opener will never match the Friday 12 Noon deer opener. Not a chance, but judging by the buzz at gas stations, coffee shops and office talk, it’s almost passed the Twins tanking in the playoffs and the Vikings-Randy Moss re-marriage this week.

Deer will reign for a long long time as the king of the fall. It’s tradition spans decades and generations across the entire state. For many in North Dakota, such as Pembina for example their best chance to shoot a pheasant is miles away.

But pheasant hunting seems to grow on people and this nice weekend weather will bring hunters out in droves. And that’s just the way we like it.

Stay safe, have fun.


week 1 reminder on PLOTS & WMA’s

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Residents Only on PLOTS, State WMAs from Oct. 9-15

Out-of-state hunters are reminded that state law does not allow nonresidents to hunt on North Dakota Game and Fish Department owned or managed lands during the first week of the pheasant season.

Private Land Open to Sportsmen acreage and state wildlife management areas are open to hunting by resident hunters only from Oct. 9-15. Nonresidents, however, can still hunt those days on other state-owned and federal lands, or private land.

The law applies to all small game, waterfowl, furbearer and big game hunting on PLOTS and state wildlife management areas during the first seven days of the pheasant season. Starting Oct. 16 this year, nonresidents may hunt on PLOTS and WMAs as long as the appropriate season is open.

find your deer tag NOW!!!!

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Deer season opens up a month from today. GO FIND YOUR TAG NOW!!!

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department urges deer hunters to find your license and check it for accuracy.

Every year the Game and Fish Department’s licensing section receives last-minute inquiries, including the morning of opening day, from hunters who can’t find their license. If it happens at that point, it’s difficult to try to get a replacement license in time for the season opener.

Another reason to find your license now is to check it for accuracy. Double-check the license to make sure the unit and species is what you thought it should be.

Deer hunters in need of a replacement license can print out a duplicate (replacement) license application from the Game and Fish website,, or can call (701) 328-6300 to have an application mailed or faxed.

The form must be completely filled out and notarized, and sent back in to the department with a fee. The application will be processed the day it is received at the office, and the license will be mailed out the next day.

coming soon! the 2010 North Dakota pheasant season

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Buy your license online:

A resident must possess the following licenses:

  • Fishing, Hunting, and Furbearer Certificate – $1
  • Small Game License – $6 (Not required of residents under age 16)
  • General Game and Habitat License – $13, or a Combination License – $32
    • (includes Small Game, General Game and Habitat, Furbearer, and Fishing licenses).
  • ** See below for sandhill crane permit details.

A nonresident must possess the following licenses:

  • Fishing, Hunting, Furbearer Certificate – $2
  • General Game and Habitat License – $13
  • Nonresident Small Game License – $85 (good for two 7-day periods or one 14-day period). Nonresident small game and waterfowl licenses are issued only through the Department’s Bismarck office, Online Services, and by calling instant licensing at 1-800-406-6409 (Note: for instant licensing on the telephone, a service charge of $4 is assessed for each transaction under $70 and $10 for transactions of $70 or more).
  • More than one license may be purchased per season.
  • There are no nonresident zone restrictions for small game hunting.
  • ** See below for sandhill crane permit details.

A Nonresident May Not Hunt G&F Lands October 9-15

In accordance with state law, nonresidents are not allowed to hunt on Game and Fish Department wildlife management areas or conservation PLOTS (Private Land Open To Sportsmen) areas from October 9-15, 2010.

Nonresidents can change their 7 or 14 day periods for small game by calling the 1-800-406-6409 licensing number prior to the start of the period. It costs $4 per license to do so.

the weekend…outdoors

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First weekend of October & it looks to be a a great one. Non-resident waterfowl hunters are open to North Dakota this Saturday morning. Many times the Minnesota opener and the ND non-rez opener are on back to back weekends. This year it’s the same, so Minnesota hunters will need to pick which opener.

It’s the 2nd weekend for North Dakota duck & goose hunters and in some area’s things have began to dry out from the wet of several inches of rain. This weekend is the youth pheasant hunt as well.

And oh by the way…October fishing is….is….is for me…better than June. Get out, stay safe & enjoy!

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