It’s Busy In The Field..& Not Just Hunting

North Dakota hunters are reminded to be cautious of farmers and ranchers who are currently busy with fall farm duties, including harvesting crops, moving cattle and hauling bales.

Jeb Williams, wildlife resource management supervisor for the state Game and Fish Department, said many producers in the southwest are currently trying to wrap up harvest, causing road traffic to be heavy in some areas. “It’s safe to assume that farmers and ranchers in other parts of the state are equally busy,” Williams said. “Harvest is in full swing, and hunters should be aware of farm equipment and other vehicles moving down the road.”

To maintain positive landowner/hunter relations, hunters are asked to move to the side of the road and allow wide farm vehicles to pass, park their vehicles in a place that will not block a roadway, field approach or gate, pick up trash and empty shells, and not clean game in the road ditch or approach.