A Helping Hand…or Wing…or Foot

We depend on hunters/citizens to help with data collection and before we ask, let me say THANK YOU. Now, about that:

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is asking grouse hunters for help with bird management by simply collecting some feathers and sending in wing envelopes this fall.

Aaron Robinson, upland game bird biologist in Dickinson, said wing data provides valuable information for managing the state’s bird population. “It allows us to monitor production, reconcile bird counts and get a better understanding of the harvest ratio of males to females, and juveniles to adults,” Robinson said.

Submitting wing data doesn’t take much time, Robinson said, with the instructions printed on the envelope. “Remove one wing, two central tail feathers and several head feathers, and enclose them in the postage-paid return envelope,” he added.

Hunters interested in receiving wing envelopes should contact the Game and Fish Department’s main office in Bismarck at (701) 328-6300, or by e-mail. In addition, Game and Fish district offices have a supply of wing envelopes for distribution.