Field Trip

Last night was a ND Game and Fish Advisory Board meeting a the Gladstone Inn in Jamestown. I really look forward to meeting up with other Game and Fish staff and even more the hunters/anglers/citizens who take the time to listen to the Departments presentations and bring their questions and concerns to the Department.

I arrived in town to set up some equipment and had 20 minutes of freeboard ahead of me, so I shot a quick email down the street–literally–to the Jamestown Sun and quick as a whistle Logan C Adams (a recovering Kansanian that realized soon after relocating that  It’s Good to be in North Dakota) shot back he also had time to meet up. 

Graciously Logan opened up the back door, snuck me in and introduced me to the Sun Staff and other employee’s. Honestly..I love meeting people in places where they work…not just who you are and what you like, but show me what you do and how it’s done. Steinerx2 and Selvig and more enjoying pizza in the break room.  I wish I could remember all the names, I read their work 6 days a week :).  And Logan and the team were more than happy to not only show me around, but put me to work. 


After a quick onceover of the press and nickel tour it was out the door, down the street and back to the world of Game and Fish. Seriously it took me longer type this than our visit, but I’m thankful for the opportunity. 

Looking forward to the visit.