Flood Fighting Confidence–the Feeling

Yes I have shoveled, carried, tied and stacked sandbags…I keep saying it but havent taken the time to type it out, and Grand Forks Herald Outdoors Editor Brad Dokken was the  first email question about, what’s the mood down there? 

I compare it to climbing Pikes Peak(which I’ve also done) last year and preparing to do it again this year. You know what it takes to prepare and the planning and training leading upto climbing it. So you’re ready to make your way to the top the next year knowing full well even with all the work and knowing what it takes to succeed you set off to the climb the peak but are told you only have to go to 13,000 feet and not last years 14,000 or whatever the exact elevation of Pike’s is.

It doesn’t make the ascension into thin air any less stressful and trying, but you have an elevated level of confidence you’ll be able to for sure hit 13,000 feet. So I don’t think it’s any kind of arrogance as some might suggest, but almost more workman like realizing the odds at climbing the mountain are in your favor. That make sense? Thanks for asking Brad! 

Here’s pulling for all the friends, neighbors across the Midwest fighting the flood~