Moose Poacher

here’s another one of those situations that churns my stomach. A moose poacher and left to rot. I’m not giving an credit to poachers who shoot illegally and take the game. It’s stealing from law abiding legal hunters regardless, but these are just another level of wrong. Here’s the short skinny from Brad Dokken and the GFH.

DEVILS LAKE — The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is looking for information on a moose that was shot and left near Devils Lake.
According to Chris Knutson, district game warden for the Game and Fish department in Devils Lake, the adult cow moose was shot sometime the evening of Dec. 27 south of U.S. Highway 2 near the turnoff to Channel A northwest of Devils Lake.
Anyone with information about the poaching incident can call the state’s Report All Poaching hot line at (800) 472-2121 or the Game and Fish Department’s district office in Devils Lake at (701) 662-3617