Fire: Nature’s Grand Contradiction

A couple years back I wrote this in ESPN and with the current situation of wildlife fires in California and across the West it’s relevant again.

Fire is one of nature’s grand contradictions.

When under control, working its way slowly through crackling logs surrounded by melon-sized rocks in a fire ring, it is pleasing and beneficial. When out of control, pushed by winds through dry prairie grasses, it is both dangerous and devastating.

For people who spend time outdoors, campfire is good and wildfire is bad. So for much of the last century, forest and prairie land managers went to great lengths to prevent or suppress fires that had the potential to burn large areas. This is an obvious choice in areas where uncontrolled fire could endanger human lives. Over the last couple of decades, however, researchers have learned more and more about the long-term benefits of fire to both grasslands and forests.

Fire is a good topic for this time of year because of all the hunting and fall camping activity in dry area’s.


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