The new state record catfish has been well documented and many biologists, including me, are just as surprised as most about it coming from Moon Lake and not the Red River.We’re not real shocked it was broken this year…but that it wasn’t from the Red River really makes ya wonder.

Here’s why. Lockport, Canada and the extreme northern stretches of the Red are notorious for the BIG catfish. In most angler planning, the bigger the catfish, the further downstream you’ll be fishing. What had us keeping a watch out was the higher river flowers allowing more fish passage from Canada deeper into the US stretches of the Red past the old dams and rock rapids. But as you know by now, we were wrong. Or maybe…a bigger one is still lurking in the Red near Drayton? Who knows. That’s the fun of this job. 


One other note in Barnes County early last week a 40" muskie was taken in the Sheyenne River right in the Valley City park. Some big fish in a few area’s not normally associated with huge muskie and record catfish.