inside the outdoors

I’m putting together a bit for 6:40 this morning on KVLY and KXJB with a regular visit with Mick, Michelle and Barbara to bring some ideas to fishing the Red. The water has been way to high for way to long. Even for anglers. I talked with Bob Backman Monday and he said the great SS Ruby of the Red (tour pontoon) has only had 4 operational days. Dismal folks…dismal…we need the water to recede..NOW…

Monday morning the framwork for the 2009 pronghonr season was officially released…expected the numbers to be cut. Judging by how the North Dakota pronghonrs fled/suffered in 1996-97. It was no surprise how the numbers dropped this winter. In fact I’d have not batted an eye if it was even more dramatic than we found. 

Similar to pheasants we are more on the fringe than in the heart of antelope terriroty. Sure we have a few even into Sargeant and Dickey County…a stray goat up around Steele County and not to mention the up/down numbers along the east side of the Missouri River…but that’s fringe with an F folks….we’re bound to have a dip every once in awhile. 

This week begins the testing for the 4th Fargo urban deer hunt…