Birth Of A Trapper

I grew up on the trap line with my dad in LaMoure and Dickey county in the early 80s. Times have changed and the urbanization, high gas, low fur prices combined mean taking off every night to check traps doesn’t occur much anymore these day’s. 

For Christmas as some of the past posts documented we got my son a live trap to catch critters in the back yard. I used to catch rabbits, black birds, squirrels–and whatever else was curious enough to get in the box. Most of the winter he came up snake eyes. As most trappers will agree a rabbit in town has plenty of feeding options so they are not as easy to catch as one would assume. Plus I pretty much let him forge his own way. He began with putting corn(bait) pretty much all over the yard and the rabbit was often seen hanging out right outside the box trap. 

To cut to the chase, last night he struck gold…for a kid with a live trap…and caught his first rabbit. We waited until after school was out to let him check, and the real life biology lesson evolved with the skinning and prep for the grill. All in all, he’s now officially a trapper. Makes me proud..and grampa Leier too!