A Win For Hunters

just saw this report about legislation passing loosening the restrictions on youth deer hunting and some hunter education requirements. 

BISMARCK – North Dakota lawmakers have approved a proposal intended to get more young people interested in hunting.

It says the Game and Fish Department must set up an online hunter safety training course. It’s a more convenient way to get the training a person needs to get a hunting license.

It allows 12- and 13-year-olds to hunt antlerless deer during North Dakota’s youth hunting season. Right now the minimum age is 14.

And it provides an "apprentice hunter" license for adults. They may use it to go hunting once with an experienced hunter without having safety training.

before you let the knee-jerk and emotion of ages and safety, the safety record of young hunters in North Dakota and the nation for that matter proves hunting age is not the sole indicator of what contributes to a safe hunter. I’ve seen 10 year olds with more gun safety considerations than hunters three times their age. Before you jump, also consider some of the incidents involve illegal hunting too. 

full story is here

more on hunting incident statistics by state here